Find all these Seminar's Videos on ONE DVD along with more than 39 hrs Audio files by Abdul Masih & other Well Known speaker and teacher on Islam and Christian. Also find excellent Christian Apologetic sites like Answering Islam, and The Good Way... any many more writing of Christian & Ex-Muslim's writing.

Here are list of these Audios (These lectures were spoken in different seminars on Islam)
  1. Infallibility-(Abd al-Masih)
  2. Justification-(Abd al-Masih)
  3. Sharia+Torah- (Salam Falaki)
  4. Christ-In-Koran-(Abd al-Masih)
  5. Trinity-( Abd al-Masih)
  6. Sharia Law and Converts
  7. Christ In Traditions Of Islam (Salam Falaki)
  8. Death and Ascension Of Christ In Quran (Salam Falaki)
  9. Demons and Occult Practices In Islam (Salam Falaki)
  10. Five Pillars Of Islam (Salam Falaki)
  11. Holy Spirit In Islam (Abd al-Masih)
  12. How Explain Crucifixion To Muslim Part 1 (Abd al-Masih)
  13. How Explain Crucifixion To Muslim Part 2 (Abd al-Masih
  14. How Had Jesus Overcome Islam (Abd al-Masih)
  15. Jesus Christ More Than Prophet (John Gilchrist?)
  16. Sharia Law and Minorities- (Salam Falaki
  17. Sharia Law and Women-( Abd al-Masih)
  18. Sharia Law and Marriage- (Salam Falaki)
  19. Sharia Law and Divorce-Q-( Salam Falaki)
  20. Sharia Law and Finances-( Abd al-Masih)
  21. Sharia Law and Punishments-Q-( Abd al-Masih)
  22. Sharia Law and Punishments-S- (Salam Falaki)
  23. Unity Of The Trinity To A Muslim (Abd al-Masih)
  24. Who Is Allah In Islam (Abd al-Masih)
  25. Why Difficult for a Muslim To Become a Christian A (Abd al-Masih)
  26. Why Difficult for a Muslim To Become a Christian B (Abd al-Masih)
  27. 99 Names Of Allah (Salam Falaki)
  28. Development Of Islam In The Last Century
  29. Development Of The Holy War In Mohammad's Life
  30. How Churches In The Islamic World Are Persecuted Today
  31. Mohammad And His Many Wives
  32. Muhammad And The Jews (Salam Falaki)
  33. Quranic Understanding Of Revelation (Salam Falaki)
  34. Sources For The Anti-Trinitarian Doctrine Of Islam
  35. Rights And Duties Of Christian Minority In Islamic Countries
  36. What Do Muslims Expect From Hell And Paradise
  37. What Is Sufism (Salam Falaki)
  38. What Is The Sharia Law and Its Four Schools of Interpretation
  39. Do Muslims and Christians Pray to the Same God?